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What is Best in Class SEO?

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Last Updated On February 18, 2023

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Before we start discussing what best in class SEO is, we would like our readers to know what the word SEO means, and how can it be beneficial for their websites.

SEO, as everyone knows, stands of Search Engine Optimization. Now, the market is full of buyers and sellers for this service. To our amazement, there are so many variations in the pricing part too. There are so called best in class SEO professionals who are willing to offer their services for as low as USD 100 per month. On the other hand, there are best in class SEO professionals who charge a whopping USD 1000 per hour.

How Much Does Best in Class SEO Cost?

Cost is no factor in determining the quality of an SEO professional directly. We are SEO experts and have a huge team of in-house trained SEO expert individuals. Now, use your own logic, can our services be priced at a lower band of things? Many people in think that since it’s all button pushing work, it should be cheap. These are the people who are actually not undermining our skills and expertise, but, their own. At one place, you need an SEO expert to work on your website, and, at other instance, you want him to work for free. These two traits never gel, and only gives us insights on how casual a client is with his/her business and web presence.

One should also stay away from a fixed price SEO service. Our SEO and web marketing company is running since 2012 and we still don’t have a clue how can people put a fixed price to such a dynamic task. The amount of work required on each website is different, and, hence, there cannot be a fixed price to it.

What are the Traits of a Best in Class SEO Service Provider?

We will not go into technical parameters of SEO here, because it does not concern our readers. What concerns them is the end result and the quality of service.

1. Responsiveness: Every SEO agency says fill in your details and get X minutes of free consultation. We say just pounce on this opportunity. Give them your email address and phone number. Wait and see how much time they take to respond. If it’s a few hours, that is fine. That’s a good sign. It it’s a few days, it’s probably not worth it. A best in class SEO company will always value time.

2. Truthfulness : You can measure the professional standards of an SEO agency just by looking at the reports they furnish to their clients. Metrics and analytics should be in a format which the client can understand. It should never be full of complex maths which serves no productive purpose for the client. A best in class SEO company will always provide information to their clients which makes sense.

3. Age : We have been in the business since 2012. Ask us anything about our business journey and we can tell you everything with evidence. That’s what makes us a best in class SEO service provider company. Experience matters, but still ask questions as it is your right as a potential client.

4. Portfolio : A best in class SEO service provider or agency will provide you with a verifiable and itemized inventory of work they have done. An SEO agency executes many types of campaigns. It could be an Off-Page SEO campaign involving link-building, or a purely On-Page SEO task. Nevertheless, they should have evidence to back their claims. Ask us! We surely do have some very blunt answers to complex questions.

Just check the above mentioned four points. Understand them and implement them in your hunt for the best in class SEO service. We are sure they will never lead you to a fraudulent company.

In case you really want to know what professional grade SEO feels like, just write to us. We will leave you amazed for sure.