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The Cosmos Tree - Expanding Reach and Revenue with Strategic Instagram Advertising

We propelled The Cosmos Tree’s growth by leveraging Instagram for a targeted social advertising campaign. This strategic initiative expanded their follower base from under a thousand to 15.4K in just six months. Concurrently, our efforts significantly boosted their business revenue, achieving a seven-figure income in the same period.

Their Story

Experts in Spiritual Wellness and Crystal Healing Techniques

The Cosmos Tree, led by Master Dhruvika Gupta, provides expert spiritual wellness and crystal healing services designed to foster profound personal transformation. They guide individuals towards achieving inner peace, self-awareness, and a heightened state of well-being, unlocking their true potential and embracing a more fulfilled life.

The Challenge

Overcoming Limited Reach and Revenue Challenges in Spiritual Business Operations

The Cosmos Tree struggled with a modest online following and stagnant revenue streams, hindering its capacity to engage and monetize its target audience effectively in the competitive spiritual wellness industry. These challenges limited its growth and reach, stifling potential business opportunities in a rapidly expanding industry.

The Solution

Executing a Strategic Instagram Growth Campaign

Nimble Informatics Pvt. Ltd. devised and executed a strategic Instagram campaign aimed at expanding The Cosmos Tree's digital presence. Through precisely targeted content and audience engagement techniques, we successfully grew their follower base and significantly boosted revenue streams.

We extended our support beyond marketing. We took on the role of handling all back-office operations, including packing, dispatching, and full e-commerce fulfillment, to ensure seamless business operations for this solo entrepreneur.

The Results

The strategic Instagram campaign yielded remarkable results for The Cosmos Tree, dramatically increasing its following from under a thousand to over 15.4K in just six months. This surge in digital presence was mirrored by a substantial increase in revenue, propelling the business into the seven-figure range.

These achievements underscored the effectiveness of the targeted social media strategy and operational support provided, establishing The Cosmos Tree as a prominent player in the spiritual wellness market.

Numbers Speak For Themselves
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