Know All About Backlinks to Make Your Website Presence Worthy

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Last Updated On February 18, 2023

Websites are at the front of any business and mark their online presence which is quite essential in today’s tech-savvy world. But, anyone who has a website is surely aware of the level of competition that is growing with each passing minute. There is an increasing need to put in extra effort and come up with exceptional marketing campaigns to stay a step ahead of the competition and rivals in the field.

One such marketing tactic which is quite important for the success of any digital marketing campaign is backlinking. For anyone just foraying into the digital marketing world either as a career or with the purpose of creating a website, backlinking may sound like a foreign term. Isn’t it? Backlinks are the foundation of SEO and the success of any SEO campaign depends on the quality of backlinks and quantity too.

Let's Get Down to Basics

Before we delve deeper into backlinks to discuss their importance and also things like how many backlinks should be sufficient and such, let us understand what SEO is. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best strategies to garner better rankings and visibility for a website. There are multiple approaches that come in handy to enhance SEO efforts and improve the performance of a website on search engines.

SEO is the organic method of gaining visibility, traffic, and rankings. There is about 1 search made every 3 seconds, and, based on this calculation, there are millions of searches made every day. Finding your website within these searches may prove to be nearly impossible. You need to give search engines like Google valid reasons to locate your website and bring it to the forefront when a search is made. SEO gives them reasons to find you amongst the crowd of about 1 billion websites.

Everything You Need to Know About Backlinks

A website always strives to be on the top of search result pages, and, thus, employs SEO and other digital marketing techniques. Every SEO expert in India will tell you the multiple benefits of SEO tactics and the most important tactic is backlinking.

What is a Backlink?

In simple words, backlinks are hyperlinks that point from one page of a website to another and come in various forms. They can be anywhere within the website, be it the header, the footer, the blogs, white papers, or any other portion of the website, text or visual. Websites, in order to gain better rankings, require high-quality backlinks and also in good numbers.

Backlinks have a great impact on a site’s rankings in the SERPs. Put simply, backlinks are the lifeline of SEO. That is the main reason why the best SEO experts in India urge their clients to invest in building links, quantitatively and qualitatively.

Why are Backlinks Crucial for a Website?

It is an established fact that backlinks are the prime factors for improving a website’s rankings. They are the greatest influencers of a website’s relevance, popularity, connectivity, and overall authority. High-quality backlinks for your website will help in realizing the dream of appearing on top of the search result pages pertaining to your keywords.

Search engines send their crawlers to look for content matching the keywords searched for. High-quality backlinks pointing back to your domain will bring your website in the notice of the crawlers and help the search engines bring your site to the forefront.

Why are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are important for every SEO campaign because:

  • they help search engine crawlers locate your page
  • they help in increasing inbound traffic
  • they help in increasing the rankings of a website
  • they help in easy navigation

Types of Backlinks

There are primarily only two types of backlinks with significance for SEO – “NoFollow” and “DoFollow”. The basic difference between these two is that “DoFollow” backlinks are great influencers of the rankings, while the “NoFollow” backlinks are only used to generate traffic to a website. Since the “NoFollow” links are not directly helpful in increasing the rankings, many SEO experts avoid them. But, they do help indirectly by diversifying a website’s backlinking profile.

How to Generate Quality Backlinks?

It is imperative to generate high-quality backlinks rather than working on only the number of backlinks. Most websites focus on a higher number of backlinks rather than quality. But, one important question that arises many times is how should one generate high-quality backlinks. Well, here we are with the answer you are seeking.

Your backlinks should be in accordance with the content on your website. You can’t be talking about education in your blog and have a backlink about entertainment. This will, in fact, get you on Google’s bad side.

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Here’s how you can generate some awesome backlinks:

  • By creating awesome content
  • By doing guest blog posts
  • Building links through comments
  • Using infographics to build links
  • Building internal links