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Nimble Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is a company with very strong foundations.

Our team has been managing complex overseas and domestic IT projects for 10+ years now. We feel the pulse of the market and know which skills are most sought after. Training with us means working on real-time live projects with a lot at stake. That’s why we maintain a procedure for on-boarding of trainees. Rest assured, once you are selected for training with us, your chances of landing up in a dream IT job profile increase by manifold.

Live Projects

Training with us means working on live projects from our high profile clients. We believe that real professionals should always be real problem solvers.

International Exposure

You get to work on live projects from our international clients. You learn the skills that are in demand across the globe, no beating around the bush.

Placement Assistance

We offer placement assistance to our trainees. Some get absorbed in our company while we help others crack interviews of other top-notch companies.

Govt. Certified Courses

We are an authorized franchise of Alma and all our courses are recognized by the Government of India. Our training can also help you land a government job.

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Industrial Training in Chandigarh

We provide Govt. of India approved job oriented courses for industrial training in Chandigarh. There are a total of 75 courses on offer and each student gets a certificate on course completion. The most important takeaway is the practical exposure and experience on live projects. The following are some of the most in-demand courses for industrial training in Chandigarh:

Courses for Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Importance of Industrial Training in Chandigarh

With hundreds of engineering and technical colleges in Chandigarh and nearby states, the need for having an avenue which provides proper industrial training in Chandigarh is always there. There are several different courses on offer, and one can only imagine the number of students that would require some professional exposure every year. Well, being an IT company, we can only work upon the number of IT students that Chandigarh churns out every year.

Getting first-hand exposure to the way this industry works is vital for launching a concrete career. There are so many things that a student can learn from doing summer training and industrial training in Chandigarh. There is a reason we have used the term “in Chandigarh”. The reason is we are a reputed IT company having international exposure and we are based out of Chandigarh.

With due respect to the courses and curriculum that is presently being taught in colleges, we regret to mention that whatever a student is being taught at the college level is not going to help much in getting a good job. The course content is outdated and that’s not really how the IT industry rolls now. Information technology is a very dynamic field, and one has to constantly keep on learning the latest developments that are taking shape in the market. Let’s be very frank here, whatever we are taught at the college level is very basic level stuff. Nobody teaches you how to constructively apply the knowledge. It’s all theory without any focus on the practical application. It is like learning to fly an aircraft by reading a book and nothing else.

Every IT student in Chandigarh should undergo summer training very seriously. That’s the only phase of your education where you would learn something which can actually land you up in a decent job. We provide summer training in Chandigarh and our training sessions are all about giving practical exposure to students as much as possible. We know which skills are in demand. This is because we deal with international clients and their IT requirements on a daily basis. We also hire people to expand our team and we conduct regular screening. Therefore, we know this for a fact that a fresh IT graduate without proper industrial training is a not going to fetch anything in the market. The companies don’t want freshers who have to be trained to do basic stuff. If they have to train them, they will only pay them the minimum wages. Sorry if we have hurt any feelings there, but, yes it’s a fact of this industry that the amount an unskilled fresher gets as salary is as good as that of a daily wage earner.

We don’t blame the companies for such a sorry package that they offer. After all, they are running a business and they need skills in their employees to beat the competition. The companies are not looking for your B.Tech. or B.E. (CS/IT) degrees. They are looking for how well you can work on their projects. If you just have theoretical knowledge without any hands-on experience with real-life projects, we all know how much a computer science book costs in the market. Here we have shown you the mirror, now its time for you to act.

Benefits of Doing Industrial Training in Chandigarh With Us

With us, there are no tall tails or marketing gimmicks to play. We don’t take just anyone in our company for summer training or industrial training. We know that you don’t know much about the practical working of the industry, but we expect you to do your homework well. An interview is conducted because we want you to understand that we mean business and every trainee that we train carries our name with himself/herself. It’s our professional honor that’s at stake here. Our interviews are very different, there is very less small talk. We expect you to sit down on a system and start solving a problem right away. We absolutely expect you to fail here, but it’s the process you take to tackle the issue in hand which will determine whether you land up in an industrial trainee capacity with us or not.

What do you get in return? Well, till date we maintain a record of 100% placement. Our trainees are turned into hardcore professionals. They work hard and reap the benefits of sweat and labor. Rest assured, if you can survive the rigors of our training, you can survive and triumph over any professional challenge that anyone throws at you.

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