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Nimble Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is a company with very strong foundations.

Our team has been managing complex overseas and domestic IT projects for 10+ years now. We feel the pulse of the market and know which skills are most sought after. Training with us means working on real-time live projects with a lot at stake. That’s why we maintain a procedure for on-boarding of trainees. Rest assured, once you are selected for training with us, your chances of landing up in a dream IT job profile increase by manifold.

Live Projects

Training with us means working on live projects from our high profile clients. We believe that real professionals should always be real problem solvers.

International Exposure

You get to work on live projects from our international clients. You learn the skills that are in demand across the globe, no beating around the bush.

Placement Assistance

We offer placement assistance to our trainees. Some get absorbed in our company while we help others crack interviews of other top-notch companies.

Govt. Certified Courses

We are an authorized franchise of Alma and all our courses are recognized by the Government of India. Our training can also help you land a government job.

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Industrial Training in Solan

We offer approved courses by Government of India for industrial training in Solan. There are 75 courses offered and after completing each, every student is awarded a certificate. During the industrial training, the most fundamental structure is functional exposure and making students learn through live projects. The following list includes highly demanding courses in Solan.

Courses for Industrial Training in Solan

  • SEO Training in Solan
  • PHP Training in Solan
  • Python Training in Solan
  • Android Training in Solan
  • .NET Training in Solan
  • PPC Training in Solan
  • WordPress Training in Solan
  • Django Training in Solan
  • iOS Training in Solan
  • Java Training in Solan

What is the Importance of Industrial Training in Solan?

There is a sea of engineering and technical colleges in the country. But, how far are they competent in offering the right industrial training? There is a need to have an appropriate avenue, which provides proper training in Solan.

With a pool of diverse industry courses, we take pride in producing hundreds of students with comprehensive professional exposure. As a premium IT company, we are proficient in investing time on the IT students who pass out every year.

Multiple colleges and institutes that offer solid courses on the above-mentioned subjects, but there is something lacking. That is nothing but on-the-job encounter. Theoretical knowledge is necessary, but equally a realistic hands-on practice will set the student for the future. To get a job in the professional forefront is not possible with only theoretical knowledge. In reality, the courses are outdated and with the recent developments and changes in the industry standards, nothing will help the students rather than having a practical exposure. The dynamism of the Information Technology sector forces professionals to constantly update themselves with the new amendments. Let us be honest here, our colleges have a very basic level of an education system and course syllabus. But, no one knows how to constructively apply your knowledge. Everything is theory and nothing was ever focussed on realistic teaching.

Each IT student in Solan has an avenue where they can apply for industrial training, and they must take it quite seriously. It is the phase of your education life which will really teach you something productive. We are offering industrial training and the sessions deal with all sets of practical awareness and presentation. As a company working in the IT sector for years, we know what are the market demands. We have to deal with international directors and satisfy them for years now.

Our company is likewise interested to employ people who will support and expand our network to administer routine screening. Hence, we know this that a fresh graduate with a standard training is competent enough to fetch the requirements of the market and deliver accurate results. Any company, in today’s date, do not want any fresher who only has basic knowledge. None of the firms will pay for teaching professionals standards. It is the hard fact of life today.

Benefits of Doing Industrial Training in Solan With Us

We do not play marketing gimmicks or any tricky tails. And, we do not just hire anyone in our company for either summer or industrial training. We have an idea and a clear picture that whoever is coming here does not possess much hands-on knowledge. However, we are expecting that your homework must be top-notch.

We conduct interviews so that you can understand that what we mean is nothing but business. Each trainee will furthermore carry our name and we do not want anyone should remain shallow. The interviews that we conduct are very different as we have small talk sessions. The executives will make you sit and solve a problem in that very spot and expect you to fail. What we test is the process and your capability to manage the situation. The problem handling attitude is what matters and that makes you eligible to enter our training modes.

What do students get in return? Until now, we have had the privilege to place all the out going trainees, who turned out to be proficient professionals. They have sown that they had reap in these training sessions. Their determination and dedication were the sole base to lay their foundation in the outer world. If you can handle the rigours of our sessions, we guarantee that you will come out victorious. There will be no stopping in future ventures.

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Industrial Training in Solan
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