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When to Expect Sales Generation from SEO?

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Last Updated On February 18, 2023

The most common question in the minds of people who are investing in SEO is when to expect sales generation from SEO. Everybody needs quick sales and it is not wrong to have such an expectation after investing huge money in marketing activities. If you do not achieve the desired results, the investment is good for nothing.

However, no one, but SEO experts in India like us, can give you a definite answer to this difficult question. Every business owner aims to gain immediately from their SEO marketing techniques and have their websites appear on the first page of the famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Well, not every website can manage to do so, since almost every website is applying one or more SEO strategies. Google lists only 10 websites on the first page during a search. So, only ten out of the thousands of websites can achieve their aim. Having said that, one should not be disheartened by the competition and must try harder to employ unique strategies.

What is SEO?

Before we move further and seek the answer to the time taken by SEO to generate sales, let us understand what SEO is and why is there so much buzz around it.

Websites are a digital front for most businesses and the users connect to these websites via search engines. Don’t we all search for a particular product or service online? SEO is an organic marketing tactic used to bring a website on the forefront, i.e. on the first page of search engine results.

Search engines rank websites based on their content, usage of the right keywords and the users’ search. They provide results based on the search being made.

Why is SEO Important?

Once an SEO expert in India was jokingly asked, “Where is the best place to hide a dead body?” and he deftly replied, “On the second page of Google”. True that. Once your website appears on the second page, you have literally lost the race. SEO helps in bringing your website ahead in the ranking. It helps in gaining higher returns and generates leads that can be converted into sales.

The Time Frame

Now, let’s move on to the crucial question, what is the time taken by SEO to generate sales? There are multiple factors that need to be taken into account to decide how long it will take to achieve the desired results. The website, it’s design, content, domain authority, competition, target audience, and several other factors needs to be taken into consideration and studied. For any website to climb up the rankings, it will take somewhere between six months to one year to gain visibility.

It is foolishness on the part of business owners to expect immediate results from SEO. SEO is like an aged wine. It tastes better as it gets old. Similarly, more and more time allocated to SEO will yield better results, visibility, and traffic. The success of SEO is determined by the SEO strategies that have been employed by the website. Comparing one website with another will not help in better ranking, but your own efforts in incorporating various tactics and giving it ample time is what will work in your favour and also, your website.

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